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Passive to Active: What to Say After the Interview

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Applying, interviewing, waiting, you always repeat these processes until you find a satisfactory job. Maybe you will add some clothes because the position you are applying for will not allow you to dress too casually; maybe you will recite a beautiful text introducing yourself in advance.

When the interviewer has completed all the interviews within the prescribed time, he will always politely ask you to go back and wait for the notice. Generally speaking, you always say thank you, and then walk away calmly and pretentiously. In fact, you are already anxiously waiting for the answer on your way home.

However, if you say "Thank you" before changing from passive to active, you will wait at least forever.

"Can you give me this job?"

It is said that many people got the job because they bravely asked this question or the like at the end of the interview. Maybe it was the courage that moved the boss; maybe it was the persistence that made the boss embarrassed to refuse. Maybe it's luck at all-but anyway, after listening to the interviewer's description of the job, you can say this sentence openly, and the worst answer you will get is "No" or "We need time Comprehensive evaluation of all interviewees. "

"When can I get a reply?"

After the interview, facing your bravery, the interviewer may say, "We need time to consider" or "We will call you for a second interview time." To take the initiative, you can continue your question because you want to know the worst outcome. Maybe the interviewer will say, "There will be no response." You may feel heartache or run away, but you have to admit that at least the interviewer is serious and honest, and you can reopen the stove and go all out Dedicated to preparing for the next interview.

"If you didn't notify me by the deadline for various reasons, can I contact you?"

The interviewer may be annoyed by such questions, but most people will understand your mood, knowing that once they get busy, they will not care about the appointment with you. If so, your initiative to contact him is also helpful to his work. Of course, if they are not interested in you, they will certainly give hints, they are just perfunctory.

"Can you introduce someone else who might be interested in me?"

If you know you have been rejected, ask this question, and you may have an unexpected gain. You know, most interviewers are kind and willing to help each other. It is likely that he does not need you, and one of his thirsty friends just needs you.

After bravely asking your questions, carefully record the possible agreement, and sincerely thank the interviewer for taking the time for you, and finally leave.

After going home, sort out your thoughts, and today's job search is over.
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