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Resume should be applied sincerely

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Many people feel sad and helpless when faced with job applications. Some students find it difficult to make a resume, and it seems that there is nothing they can do but make up. This is not the case. There are not many well-written students' resumes. Some students don't seem to know exactly what they want to do, or they haven't entered the state yet.

In general, the main problems are:

One and the same. Many job resumes do not write their own professional characteristics, nor do they reflect their personal strengths. Most of them are empty words and rhetoric. What is "very good writing, quick thinking"; "knowledgeable, outstanding". And what are their professional strengths and professional capabilities, but there is no substantial expression and explanation, maybe they are not very clear. Among many job applicants, this resume is difficult to attract employers.

Second, it is too abstract and has no focus. Some resumes are oversimplified. Some personal sketches and introductions are summarized and written in a few abstract ways. Professional courses that can reflect their abilities, published articles and other valid certificates, articles are not even copied; some resumes are too cumbersome. The school history of the school was not forgotten to write, and dozens of pages of various certificates of merit and certificates were attached at the back, including the certificate of the student union chess competition.

Third, exaggeration, flashy. Some people intentionally exaggerate their "performance" in their resumes. For example, they say that they have participated in some kind of professional training. When asked during the interview, they turned out to have only listened to half-day lectures. Students who are said to be famous scholars are actually elective students. A course of this scholar; it is said that he has participated in a certain national key topic, but actually only assisted the conference work of the topic conference and so on. This often reduces the impression of the employer on the employer.

Fourth, lack of sincerity. A person's job resume is like a photo of himself. It should be unique and alive, with his own ideas, expectations, and requirements. And many students' job resumes are more like product price lists. Maybe the students are helpless, or maybe they want to save some energy. A resume, put in multiple places, is completely formatted, like everyone who has the same face, without his own personality. Even the recommendation books written by the school mentors were typed by machine (only the teacher's name was signed later), making it difficult to distinguish whether the mentor's recommendation was due to a formula of helpless entertainment. In addition, the resume does not know much about the job applicants, and hardly mentioned them, nor did they explain why they came to apply for jobs.

Fifth, blind placement. Some students liken job hunting to luck. When I saw the employer, I submitted my resume without consideration. Without knowing the employment conditions of the employer, and not knowing the employment situation of the employer in advance, blindly submitting with the mainstream, the result will naturally cause many job resumes to be "thrown into the trash".

Resume is important for graduates, but meeting with employers is even more important. In the process of students 'job application, many students' problems were also exposed.

First, there is insufficient preparation for job application. Many graduates have not seriously and thoroughly considered their future development and job search intentions. For example, when interviewing employers, when asked, what is the reason for your application? Do you know the job you are applying for? Is the job you are applying for suitable for your specialty and expertise? If your organization hires you, what are your requirements, plans or hopes? If you come to work, what are the advantages and disadvantages, etc.?

Second, there is a lack of sincerity in applying. Some students just ask job income, working conditions, benefits and benefits in job counseling; and the requirements of the job, the content of the task, the employer's response to the needs of the employer, and whether they can afford the job once they are hired Wait, but don't care much, never even think about it.

Thirdly, individual students also exposed their own quality problems during the application. For example, a male student held a girlfriend's shoulder to speak to a recruiter during a supply-demand meeting between a graduate and an employer. In a job search, some students were politely rejected by the employer or were dissatisfied with the job. Turn your head away (don't know how to thank or say goodbye). Other students were very motivated and eager when looking for a job. When the employer agreed to hire, they chose another work unit and did not explain the situation to the employer until the personnel department of the unit repeatedly urged. He casually stated that he had signed a contract with another unit, causing the unit to miss the deadline for entry, without even apologizing. What good is a student of this quality, even if the resume is well written?

In college students 'job hunting, the most fundamental problem is the gap between the students' job hunting expectations and the reality of social needs. Some students are looking for work that is too idealistic and always want to be in one step. Some students have summarized their own job search criteria into three points: first, they must have more income; second, they must have higher social status; and third, they must have better working conditions. In real society, it is precisely those who have the least wages, poor conditions, and low social status. It cannot be said that the requirements of the students are incorrect, but they cannot ignore the reality of the society, and need to find a combination of the two.

What is the ideal career depends on future development. Maybe some jobs are not ideal right now, but it can increase your experience and exercise your ability. In fact, this can be considered. On the contrary, although some positions have ideal conditions, social status, and salary income, there is no room for development and they cannot meet your needs. For example, although some students have found jobs that others admire, they really do n’t see any future when they get to work. Determined to change jobs.

In a nutshell, for a college student who is choosing a career, the resume must be authentic, the application must be sincere, and the positioning must be realistic. Not only must you have an excellent appearance, but more importantly, you must have excellent qualities.

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