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Teach you how to introduce yourself

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Whenever an interviewer enters an interview, the most frequently asked question of the interviewer is: first introduce yourself! Self-introduction thus became an appetizer for interviews. As the saying goes, a good start is half the battle, and says: First impressions matter most. When you come to the interviewer, if you can introduce yourself, it will be more effective, otherwise it will be more effective.

First of all, make sure that self-introduction isn't really about self-introduction and let the other person know you. In fact, the interviewer does not want to know you completely, he has no time, and has already read your resume before listening to your introduction. In other words, self-introduction is just a way for the interviewer to understand your ability to express and respond to situations. Knowing this, we can target ourselves to introduce ourselves.

I have read many so-called collections about self-introduction, which basically focus on how to introduce them comprehensively. In fact, I think this is very unfavorable. It is like a person who introduced you a lot of things but has no point. In the end you do n’t remember anything. Self-introduction is also the same as the article. It must have the backbone, logic and layers, so that the listener has the desire to listen. That's right!

So how to introduce yourself, first of all, you must know your situation well. For example, your own advantages: 1. Foreign language. 2. Professional background. 3, the advantages of personality (this can basically be written in this point, after all, there is no good or bad personality). After analyzing yourself, you can set the main backbone of self-introduction, which is the level. Self introduction is therefore divided into three parts:

1. Highlight your foreign language advantages

2. Highlight your own professional background advantages

3. Highlight your strengths

So how about a self-introduction? First of all, the name is indispensable. My name is ***, and then what is my school and major. Well, the basic information is enough, what age, etc. are on the resume, no need to talk about it. Now let's talk about our own advantages.

In summary, the main points of self-introduction.

1. Don't talk too much about yourself.

2. Pay attention to logic and structure.

3. Speak slowly, pay attention to frustration.

4. I can talk about my own shortcomings in the self-introduction, but I can use another method, such as my processing method, if it is sometimes impatient, it can be said to be too eager to achieve; sometimes I am not willing to let go of the details and miss the overall situation It can be said that too much pursuit of perfection and so on. In short, it can be handled well.

5. Team spirit or coordination ability is more and more favored by employers, so this should be added anyway.

6. Some examples can be cited, such as what competitions have you participated in to reflect some of your advantages.

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