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50% of interview impressions come from body language

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Interviewing is a job search that everyone has to go through. In order to cross this level, we must master the essence. Many college students often pass the resume and written exams in interviews, and now I will teach you how to know yourself and pass each other.

1. What do companies want to know through interviews?

The interview is the process of "killers and horses" in the enterprise. They want to "match" talents with both merits and talents, so they pay close attention to the comprehensive qualities and practical abilities of job seekers. The inspection of the company involves all aspects, in addition to the "hardware" of the job seeker's professional skills, it pays more attention to the "software" qualifications, such as learning ability, adaptability, expression ability, persuasive communication ability, innovation ability, organizational coordination ability, teamwork Spirit etc. In addition, professional ethics, professionalism and human quality are also important points to measure.

2. What tactics do companies like to use?

At present, in addition to the traditional interviews and written tests, companies have also added management games and scenario simulation interview methods in the recruitment process, so that the inspection of job applicants will be more comprehensive.
Job seekers must learn to respond to change. First of all, before the interview, you should carefully analyze your strengths and weaknesses, strengthen your strengths and avoid weaknesses, clearly position yourself, understand as much as possible the recruitment system, corporate culture, and requirements of the job application of the recruiting company, and find the best match between you and the company. Secondly, it is best to do a targeted mock interview before the interview. It is estimated that the examiner will ask what kind of question and what strategy he will take to answer it. In this way, he can basically know what to expect.

3. What to pay attention to before the interview?

The first impression you give the examiner during the interview is very important, and the initial impression is likely to determine the interview result. Generally speaking, the dress should be consistent with the nature and culture of the company and match the position. No matter what company you go to, formal dress is not only formal and generous, but also a respect for others. Girls must pay attention to the details of the dress shape and avoid wearing sleeveless, open back, mini skirt and other outfits. For first-time job seekers or college students just out of school, the clothing should be generous and simple.

In addition, female job applicants should pay attention to dignity and elegance during summer interviews, and handle details such as hair and nails cleanly, showing a good impression of capable spirit.

4. How to overcome tension?

In the face of interviewers who have the power to kill and win, most people will show nervousness, which is a taboo for interviews. For most people, the tension in the interview is mostly due to too much attention to the interview opportunity, lest not be admitted. Let me tell you a method of adjustment: try to relax your whole body before the interview; use the method of deep breathing during the interview to keep calm, or use psychological cues to relax yourself, such as saying "I'm relaxed, I'll do my best".

Only by relaxing can you accurately grasp the questions the examiner wants to ask and his own answering method. Remember, a relaxed, calm, and confident attitude will not only leave a good impression on the examiner, but also help maintain a clear head and agile thinking. The answer given in this state is the most satisfactory to the examiner.

5. How to introduce yourself?

"Self-introduction" is a question that all examiners must ask. Job seekers must pay attention when answering. The content must be consistent with the resume. If they contradict themselves, they will only add trouble to themselves. When truly introducing yourself, show your self-confidence frankly and confidently, highlighting the advantages that match the position you are applying for. Your related abilities and qualities are the information that the company is most interested in. Therefore, in many cases, when listening to your introduction, the examiner will seize the points he is interested in and inquire.

Therefore, when making the statement, we should strive to be based on the truth, take into account the logic and organization of the expression, and avoid lengthy and unfocused narratives. Such professional and outstanding performance is definitely appreciated by the examiners.

6.Can I use some body language during the interview?

A smile, a raise and a move, this is your body language. What ’s the use of body language? In interviewers ’impressions, the content of words accounted for 7%, body language accounted for 55%, and the remaining 38% came from phonetic intonation. Therefore, in the interview, you may wish to keep in mind the following small details: listen carefully, smile, rigorous wording, concise and clear answers, optimistic and positive attitude. These rich body language and appropriate voice and intonation will definitely make your interview Icing on the cake, doing more with less!

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